Saturday, March 8, 2014

Flaming Marshmallow Jelly Shots Recipe

Flaming Marshmallow Jelly Shots Recipe


(or two depending on colors) box flavored gelatin

6 ounces water

6 ounces vodka

1 bag marshmallows

Bacardi 151

  • Carve out the middle of the marshmallow. You can eat the center or discard it!
  • Make your Jello using 3 ounces flavored boxed gelatin, 6 ounces water and 6 ounces vodka. I used blue and red Jello to go with Memorial Day!
  • Let the Jello cool completely before pouring it into the marshmallow. It should still be liquid, just cooled. I actually used a dropper to put the Jello inside and it worked well to keep the marshmallows clean. Refrigerate until the Jello has set inside the marshmallow.
  • Then pack 'em up to then eat plain or you can toast them! Put them on a stick and give a quick toast over your campfire. Or for a quick effect (or you don't have a campfire), dip them in Bacardi 151 and light it on fire.
  • Just like roasting a marshmallow, make sure you blow out the flame out before you eat it.

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